Past Shows


January 22nd, Gay Ole Opry Livestream at the Country Soul Songbook Summit


December 9th, Gay Ole Opry 10th Anniversary Livestream at the Country Soul Songbook Summit

July 10th, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

March 6th, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream


October 16th, Gay Ole Opry Livestream at the Country Soul Songbook Summit

October 3rd, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

July 31st, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

June 27th, Porch Pride Livestream

June 25th, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

May 29th, FemFest Livestream

May 15th, The Boot Livestream

May 2nd, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

April 4th, Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

January 23rd, Writer’s Round, Young Ethel’s, Brooklyn

January 11th, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn


November 14th, The Undercroft, Baltimore, MD with 50 Ft Woman

November 13th, The Pinhook, Durham, NC, with Kamara Thomas

November 12th, Benefit for QORDS, The Crow and the Quill, Asheville, NC with Hearts Gone South

November 12th, WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, TN

November 11th, Dee’s Country, Nashville, TN, with Mya Byrne, Paisley Fields, Justin Hiltner, and Mercy Bell

November 10th, Louisville, KY, with Bridge 19

November 9th, Dick’s Den, Columbus, OH with Mery Steel and Family Man

November 8th, Knights of Conroy, Pittsburgh, PA

October 18th, Record Release Party, Littlefield, Brooklyn with The Ebony Hillbillies, My Gay Banjo, and Onliest

September 14th, Martin’s BBQ Americanafest Party, Americanafest, Nashville

September 14th, Baby Robot Showcase, Americanafest, Nashville

September 12th, Queer Roots Showcase, Americanafest, Nashville

August 28th, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

June 8th, Brooklyn Pride Queer Country After-Party, Union Hall, Brooklyn

May 4th, Night of a Thousand Stevies, Irving Plaza, Manhattan

March 30th, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn


December 16th, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn

December 7th, Never Illegal Fundraiser, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

October 20th, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

September 29th, Queer MF, Bessie’s Salon, Brooklyn

August 18th, ToeJam Festival, Milton, NY

July 7th, Queer Country Quarterly, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn

June 2nd, OutLoud Queer Music Festival, Drom, Manhattan

May 9th, Berlin Under A, Manhattan

May 4th, Night of a Thousand Stevies, Irving Plaza, Manhattan

April 12th, Queer Country Quarterly, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn

March 8th, El Cortez, Brooklyn

February 27, Bowery Electric, Manhattan

February 1st, Radio Free Brooklyn Presents, The Well, Brooklyn


November 10th, Postcrypt Coffeehouse, Manhattan

October 7th, BabyRobot Showcase, Mondo Festival, Pianos, Manhattan

September 22nd, Record Release Party, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn

September 16th, Reverb, Baltimore, MD

September 15th, The Artful Dodger, Harrisonburg, VA

September 14th, The Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC

September 13th, World Famous, Athens, GA

September 12th, Crafty Bastard, Knoxville, TN

September 11th, Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, Nashville, TN

September 10th, Willie’s Locally Known, Lexington, KY

September 9th, The Iron Post, Urbana, IL

September 8th, Slammers, Columbus, OH

September 7th, Howlers, Pittsburgh, PA

August 5th, Union Hall, Brooklyn

July 2nd, Another Country Festival, Littlefield, Brooklyn

May 5th, Night of a Thousand Stevies, Irving Plaza, Manhattan

April 15th, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn (100th Show!)

March 28th, Bowery Electric, Manhattan

February 24th, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn


November 19th, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

September 2nd, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

August 12th, Dixon Place, Manhattan

May 13th, Night of a Thousand Stevies, Irving Plaza, Manhattan

April 30th, The Firefly, Charlottesville, VA

April 29th, Willow Tree Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN

April 28th, House Party, Lexington, KY

April 27th, The High Watt, Nashville, TN

April 26th, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, Atlanta, GA

April 25th, The Crow & Quill, Asheville, NC

April 24th, Monkeybottom Collaborative, Durham, NC

April 23rd, The Artful Dodger, Harrisonburg, VA

February 5th, Beast of Burden, Brooklyn

January 26th, Bowery Electric, Manhattan

January 2nd, Aviv, Brooklyn


December 5th, Queer Country Quarterly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

November 6th, Rock Shop, Brooklyn

October 8th, Queer Country Quarterly, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn

August 23rd, Platinum Pony, Easthampton, MA

August 22nd, Sumner Knight Chapel, Keane, NH

August 21st, House Show, Boston, MA

August 20th, Aurora, Providence, RI

August 8th, Hanks Saloon, Brooklyn

July 28th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

June 14th, C’mon Everybody, Brooklyn

May 17th, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

April 18th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

March 21st, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

March 14th, Gutter Bar, Brooklyn

February 28th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

February 11th, Sidewalk Cafe, Manhattan

January 27th, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

January 13th, Pianos, Manhattan


December 19th, Littlefield, Brooklyn

September 21st, Sunday Salon Reading Series, Jimmy’s No. 43, Manhattan

September, 5th, Dollypalooza, Littlefield, Brooklyn

September 5th, Rockwood Music Hall, Manhattan

August 31st, Hinge, Northampton, MA

August 30th, Keane Music Festival, Keane, NH

August 5th, Friends and Lovers, Brooklyn

July 4th, An Beal Bocht Cafe, Bronx

June 19th, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

June 14th, Northside Festival, Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn

June 7th, William Way Center Homecoming Benefit, Philadelphia, PA

June 6th, House Party, Durham, NC

June 5th, Charis Books, Atlanta, GA

June 4th, Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans, LA

June 2nd, ZaZa Pizza, Conway, AK

June 1st, Drifters, Nashville, TN

May 31st, Idapalooza Festival, Smithfield, TN

May 30th, Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, KY

May 29th, The Shop, Pittsburgh, PA

March 16th, Littlefield, Brooklyn

March 6th, Rockbar, Manhattan

January 28th, Songbird Series, The Way Station, Brooklyn


December 7th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

November 17th, Knitting Factory, Brooklyn

November 9th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

October 6th, Pianos, Manhattan

September 28th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

August 13th, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

August 8th, Pianos, Manhattan

July 7th, The Counting Room, Brooklyn

June 21st, Cool Pony, Brooklyn

June 15th, Hill Country Barbecue, Manhattan

May 18th, Jalopy, Brooklyn

April 15th, Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn

March 1st, Brooklyn Country Radio, Episode 20

February 16th, Union Hall, Brooklyn

January 18th, Unhinged: A Night of Queer Songwriters, Sidewalk Cafe, Manhattan


December 1st, 68 Jay Street Bar, Brooklyn

November 19th, St Mazie, Brooklyn

October 21st, Rhymes with Opera Salon, Christ Church, Manhattan

October 5th, Gay Ole Opry, Littlefield,  Brooklyn

August 5th, Gay Ole Opry, Ortlieb’s Lounge, Philadelphia, PA

June 28th, Ocean Born Mary EP Release Party, The Rock Shop, Brooklyn

May 20th, Sunday Salon Reading Series, Jimmy’s No. 43, Manhattan

March 24th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

February 26th, Public Assembly, Brooklyn

January 21st, Freddy’s Bar, Brooklyn


October 14th, Gay Ole Opry, Southpaw, Brooklyn

September 1st, The Bowery Electric, Manhattan

August 27th, Queer Country Monthly, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

August 6th, Gay Ole Opry, The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA

August 5th, Mum’s, Baltimore, MD

August 4th, Lizard Lounge, Lancaster, PA

July 27th, National Underground, Manhattan

July 9th, Freddy’s Bar, Brooklyn

June 17th, Proud Music, Fat Baby, Manhattan

May 22nd, Dale Radio, Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn

April 10th, Sunday Salon, Jimmy’s No. 43, Manhattan

April 7th, Gay Ole Opry, Public Assembly, Brooklyn

March 19th, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

February 5th, Freddy’s Bar, Brooklyn

December 31st, Branded Saloon, Brooklyn

September 24th, Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn

July 23rd, Union Hall, Brooklyn