Queer Country Quarterly Livestream

The Queer Country Quarterly is back on Friday, July 31st at 10 pm ET/ 7:00 pm PT! With two of our favorite fabulous stars, Secret Emchy Society and Mya Byrne! And, of course, your faithful host, Karen & the Sorrows.

Watch here or on YouTube Live and we’ll also be streaming on the Karen & the Sorrows page on Facebook Live!

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More about the musicians:

From San Francisco by way of NYC, Mya Byrne is a poet, award-winning performing songwriter, and activist. A proud trans woman, she established her solo folk-Americana career in 2012 after years of performing with roots-rock band, the Ramblers, opening for acts such as Levon Helm.

Mya’s been featured on many great festival and club stages across the country. Her first solo record hit #31 on the roots charts, and the follow-up, As I Am, has been featured on official Spotify playlists. A Showcase Artist at the legendary Philadelphia and Falcon Ridge Folk Festivals and the San Francisco Trans March, and the first trans woman to ever be featured as a solo performer at the SF Dyke March, her music and poetry have also been featured in such media as SingOut!, CountryQueer.com, The Advocate, Village Voice, New York Magazine, MSNBC, and CBS/Radio.com, with public speaking at institutions including SUNY, UC Berkeley, and the UU.

The Secret Emchy Society is the brainchild of Cindy Emch – the whiskey voiced singer-songwriter from bands Rhubarb Whiskey, Vagabondage, Feral, and more. Her heart breakin’, foot stompin’ old school country tunes are the hybrid child of Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Hazel Dickens – with just enough strange and esoteric influences to keep you guessing.

Cindy is influenced by the old school country music in the tradition of the Carter Family, Waylon Jennings, Hazel Dickens, Pete Seeger, and Hank Williams. She uses her unique & nuanced voice to tell her deeply personal tales of heartbreak, traveling, and playing music. Her experience growing up far left-of-center in the conservative wilds of fly-over America keeps her rooted in tradition while her stints in New Orleans, San Francisco & Oakland have imbued her material with a sense of adventure & a sympathetic view of the sinners, the gamblers, the rogues, the good-time girls & the losers that populate her songs.

Her songs pour forth in a voice that is 49% heartbreak and 51% fury yet is never devoid of humor & self-awareness.

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