This Sunday at C’mon Everybody


Hello friends! We’ve got a show this Sunday and we sure would love to see you. We’ve been busy polishing some new songs, claiming bro country themes like pickup trucks and rugged dependability for our own queer agenda. And we’re playing with one of our favorite bands in town, Jus Post Bellum, so it’s gonna be a great night.

WHEN: Sunday, June 14th, 7:30 pm (we’re on first, so don’t come too late or you’ll miss us!)
WHERE: C’mon Everybody, 325 Franklin Ave, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Our drummer Tami is away for the summer (Tami, we miss you!), so we’re keeping shows to a minimum right now until we head out for a small east coast tour in August. But we’re very lucky to have Nancy Polstein from Girls on Grass (among many other fabulous bands) filling in for us on drums this Sunday. So if you’ve been meaning to come to a show lately, this is the one!

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