Thank You, New England!

Sumner_Knight_Chapel_1Now that we’ve been back home for a little while and caught up on our sleep, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made this tour possible. And to everyone who came out to see us play and made us feel so supported! To Joshua Marcus who made Providence happen and played such a beautiful set (and shared his cookie with me!). Sarrin and all the housemates who put on the best house show ever for us in Boston. My friend Alison for letting us stay with her (and visit with her amazing bird Matilda). The Keene Music Festival and Kevin for taking such incredible care of us in Keene, putting up with all our amps, and feeding us the most delicious stuffed portobello mushrooms! Julie Adamo’s amazing Dead Letter for playing with us in Boston and Easthampton and being my alt-country star twin. Liz for making us so welcome at the Platinum Pony. And of course the Redfields, Elana’s family in New Hampshire, for letting the band descend on your house! I love my band so much. Thank you for making music with me, Tami, Elana, and Braque! More pictures on Facebook…


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